Police Providing Domestic Violence Victims With Blunt Knives


Domestic violence victims will have their kitchen knives supplanted with blunt utensils to ‘stop’ their partners from assaulting them in their own home.

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Roughly 100 blunt knives will be passed out by law enforcement to victims of domestic violence. Police in Nottinghamshire are piloting the strategy where the ‘no point’ knives will be gifted to victims who have either been attacked or threatened with a knife. Local cops are uneasy about the high level of knife-related instances that occur in the home, and are hoping the new plan has the prospective to save lives. Knife domestic violence crime makes up more than 18 percent of reported incidents to Nottinghamshire Police. In the past year, out of 900 knife crime reports, 159 were domestic violence related. Superintendent Matt McFarlane, Nottinghamshire Police’s new knife crime strategy manager, who is supervising the scheme, stated: “We do see a fair amount of knife related incidents in domestic abuse not just on the streets.

“This is a measure we need to take. We want to reduce that risk. It is a trial. We have about a 100 of them – and we have so far given out about 50. The knife is blunt at the end – but still functions as a knife – so you can’t stab someone. People will stay in a relationship after some serious episodes of domestic abuse. They may stay together for children, get back together, or might get back together when they are out of prison.” He explained the ‘no point’ knives would ordinarily be given out in a circumstance “where a knife had been used or the victim had been threatened on a previous occasion”. Supt McFarlane furthered: “We are trialing it to see if it makes a difference. Sometimes you have to trial things to see if they work. Anything that stops someone being seriously injured is a good idea.”


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