Top Trends That Will Define Social Media Management in 2019

A defining feature of the social media landscape is that it is continually changing and each year comes with its set of distinct indicators that will define these platforms. The year 2019 is no different, and there are already key performance indicators that are redefining the approach to running a marketing or advertising campaign on these platforms.  It is this ever-shifting landscape that makes internet marketing engaging and a never-ending activity, which every enterprise, regardless of size, must strive to keep up with for maintenance of core competence. Unsurprisingly, these continuous changes are what make social media marketing a venture which is open for every enterprise and the achievement of brand power a reality that is open for everyone. Top rated brands have discovered this and have heavily invested in their internet marketing front, a core factor that makes them to ever be in a position to floor other competitors.

Nonetheless, it is not a closed door as an enterprise can utilize social media predictions for 2019 and rise to attain the goals they have always desired. The best part is that industry gurus are never asleep and expected changes are always made known to allow all players to have in place smart strategies for their e-marketing campaigns. A sneak-peak into the main factors that will define social media marketing for 2019 as shared by leading professionals’ factor in;

1.    Increased social media commerce

This was a thing in 2018 and is expected to grow to greater heights as social media become more than platforms for directly interacting with clients, but a channel for directly enhancing sales. Shoppers no longer have to be re-directed to the official website but can directly purchase items that are advertised on the platform without any struggles. The partnership between Snapchat and Amazon is already making this a reality, and Facebook has also developed special business pages that support direct sales. Since billions of people use social media platforms daily, the growth potential of this trend is enormous, and any business that wants to strengthen their sales channels cannot overlook this aspect.

2.    Social media stories and videos will continue to grow

Stories, as they are popularly known, will continue being a sensation as a lot of focus is on the suitability of appealing to the market. Currently, nearly all social media platforms have popularized the use of stories with Snapchat and Instagram taking the lead. Research shows that over 60% of traffic on the internet in 2017 was due to video traffic and that in 2019 this is expected to grow to 80%. The essence of stories and videos is to provide a direct touch point through which enterprises reach out to their audiences.

3.    Tougher rules on data protection

There have been concerns about Big Data and most notably is when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to respond to charges on misuse of data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GRPR) has come to redefine how advertisers can make use of data, and it will be vital to adhere to these new standards. Marketers will, as such, have to be extra cautious and ensure that advertising campaigns are run without violation of these rules that majorly touch on customer consent and data protection.

4.    Augmented reality and virtual reality

More social media platforms are introducing augmented reality and virtual reality tools which social media marketers can utilize to make use of these advanced features. More AR and VR tools are expected to be launched and come into play in 2019 as they bring a whole new level of interaction with audiences. It will also change the ways that consumers will be shopping as they can have virtual contact with the products before making the purchase decision.

5.    More exciting features for Gen Z

Generation Instagram or Gen Z is the new group of influencers in brand marketing as they make a significant percentage of regular social media users. As user-generated content becomes the norm, there are more exciting features which enterprises will have to take advantage of to pass across their messages. These include memes, creative hashtags, and focus on the ‘cool’ life, which is among the primary factors that attract the young generation. To this generation, entertainment is vital and must be creatively included in an effective marketing campaign that will move them to action.


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