Restaurant Serves Free Pizza To Guests Who Lock Away Their Phones

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A pizza place in California is serving free pizza, but there’s a snare — diners have to agree to lock their cell phones away while consuming their meal.

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A Fresno Curry Pizza Company location is running their “Talk to Each Other Discount” promotion. When a party of at least four persons comes into the establishment, they have the choice to lock their cellphones in one of the restaurant’s lockers. If they can get through the whole meal without checking their phone, they either receive a free pizza for their next visit or to take home. Patrons too can donate the pizza to the homeless, if they opt. The pizzeria posted on Facebook about the promotion, stating, “Our goal is to get families/friends to stop using their phones while eating and talk to each other and communicate more. If you like you may receive a free large (per group) on your next visit (must be at least 24 hours) or you can donate your free large pizza to the needy. We donate pizzas to the homeless in downtown Fresno every month, so we would add your donated pizza along with the many others or you could do it yourself.”

Varinder Malhi co-owner, spoke with reporters about the campaign and said he garnered inspiration from his own phone usage. Seeking to set a good example for his children, he ceased using his cell at home (unless it’s for detrimental work use). After witnessing the benefits, he elected to try it out at the pizzeria. Eligible parties must have at least four persons. Too, everyone in the group has to have a smartphone, and they all must turn it in. To make sure every person is playing by the rules, the cashier will inspect every participant’s phone to make certain they have service. This assures that folks are in fact disconnecting and not simply attempting to seize a free pizza with a past phone.


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