Snapchat’s Gender Switch Filter Shows Men What Online Dating Is Like For Women

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If you’re on Snapchat, then you’ve probably played around with (and were likely horrified by) their filter gender swap filters. While you’re probably using these filters to send hilarious pics to your friends, some guys using them to create Tinder profiles. What likely started out as a joke has quickly evolved, and these guys are actually learning what online dating is like for women.

Jordan Was Told He’d Be Going On A Road Trip

Notice how I didn’t say that Jordan was “invited” on a road trip? That’s because men think they own women and don’t need to ask. Jordan quickly learned that simply by having a profile on Tinder as a woman, he was already obliged to travel around the United States with a complete stranger. Compared to these other guys, Jordan got off easy.

Oscar Noticed All Of The Shirtless Selfies

Any woman who has given online dating has stumbled upon their fair share of shirtless selfies. Sifting through them is both the best and worst part of swiping on Tinder (more often the worst), and it’s about time that guys realized that. We’ve only been calling them out for their shirtless pics for years, but a man said it now so maybe guys will actually hear it and cut it out.

Bombarded With Matches

Most of the guys who’ve been partaking in this little experiment are shocked to see how many matches they got in just a few minutes. They actually had no idea how overwhelming a female Tinder inbox is. This happens because there are apps out there that automatically swipe right for men. It swipes right for all women and then they decide if they’re interested if they get a match. That is how little effort men put into online dating. No wonder I’m still single!

Garrett Was Overwhelmed

After just forty-five minutes, Garrett was so overwhelmed by the number of Tinder messages he received that it gave him anxiety. He shared his story with Scary Mommy saying:

I did have one guy message me about five times in a row within three minutes which seemed a bit pushy. Overall, the 45 minutes I had the account were unbelievably overwhelming with the amount of messages I had and the pressure of responding back to them … being a woman on Tinder gave me anxiety.

This Guy Was Traumatized By Basic Messages

This guy was shocked by all of the messages he got as a woman on Tinder, but they were fairly mild. Most of them say something along the lines of “hey beautiful” or whatever version of a cheesy pickup line was at the top of their Google searches. He didn’t get any unsolicited dick pics or sexually driven messages, so I’d say he got off easy. The only message that stood out said “You look caked up,” which might be referring to “her” makeup. Men always think their opinions matter.

Mohi’s Conclusion Matches Most Women’s

We hear ya, Mohi! Your conclusion is ours too each and every time we think online dating is a good idea and reactivate our profiles. Can we go back to meeting in bars?

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