Toilet Paper – Thing Of The Past? A Toilet That Vaporizes Poo


The Gates Foundation is developing new types of sanitation systems for regions that can not afford modern upgrades—notably a toilet that vaporizes poo.

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There are 2.5 billion individuals on the planet who don’t have access to affordable, safe sanitation systems. It’s an issue that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation believes can be eradicated by witty technologies. And via their Reinvent The Toilet Challenge, they’ve recruited engineers and scientists from around the globe to structure new types of public sanitation systems and toilets for spots that aren’t able to afford modern upgrades. Scion Research, is building a new type of toilet that utilizes microwave technology and pressure to handle sewage directly in people’s homes.

“We get to flush here and it gets out of our household and treated and discharged into the environment and we’re removed from the issue so we don’t have to handle it personally or live amongst it. In a large part of the developing world that’s not the case. Their proximity to their waste is constant and the risk of disease is high,” states Daniel Gapes, who’s working on the project as an environmental engineer. Thereby, why not just innovate infrastructure to help bring sewage and running water treatment facilities to areas in the world that don’t possess them? The Gates Foundation is presently working on mending this as well, Gapes claims, “but the fact is that in a lot of communities the infrastructure is so complex and the buildings and people are on top of one another and lack of access makes putting infrastructure in complex and unaffordable. Putting sewage into a city that doesn’t have it—the costs are mind-boggling,” he adds.

The challenge for the crew is to discover a way to produce a small household system that contains pressure and heat in a way that is safe to have in an abode. Presently, the team is working on designing a microwave reactor that can rapidly heat the unit, and they’re too seeking options for applying electricity. The Gates Foundation notes that the completed toilets shall cost no more than 5 cents per day per person—and Gapes furthers ideally when done it will cost less than that even.


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