Constipated Woman Loses 10 Years Of Memories After Hard Struggle With Poop

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Pushing your body to the limit can often lead to disaster. Even something as seemingly inconsequential as excretion can quickly turn into a life-threatening event. Such a fragile state of the human body has been proven yet again by a constipated woman from Hong Kong; she tried to poop out her constipation so hard, she gave herself amnesia.

The unfortunate incident happened to an unnamed woman from Hong Kong based on a report from China Times. The woman’s son recalls that her mother had been suffering from constipation for two weeks. During one of her attempts to relieve herself, it seems she strained too hard. Apparently, the constipated woman came out of the bathroom confused.

Moreover, she was displaying signs of amnesia according to her family. It’s not clear how they tested the extent of the constipated woman’s memory loss, but her son alleged that she could not remember anything from the past 10 years of her life.

Of course, the family rushed her to the hospital to have her brain scanned but the procedure did not show anything amiss with her brain activity. Still, she was confined and thankfully, she regained her memory eight hours later. Oddly enough, she had no memory of her amnesiac episode or even her own ordeal with constipation prior to that.

A medical expert, specifically neurologist Peng Jiaxiong suggested that what the constipated woman experienced was called “transient global amnesia” which can happen due to the lack of oxygen in the brain. It might have been triggered by her pushing her bowels too hard. Luckily for her, it was only a short-term memory loss.

It’s not just constipation which can cause it either. People who carry heavy objects can also experience the affliction. Moral of the story, don’t fight constipation– because even if you win, you might also lose.

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