Construction Workers Unearth Dinosaur Bones In Denver Suburb Site

via: DMNS/Rick Wicker

Well, what do you know? Life does find a way. The very soil we are living on right now might be an important piece of history for the Earth and those who lived here before us. Such an idea is reinforced after construction workers discovering some dinosaur bones on the very suburbs they were supposed to develop in Denver.

Back on May 15, Highland Ranch construction workers in Denver, Colorado unearthed quite a find: dinosaur bones or fossils right in the suburb area they were expanding. Since then, they have been digging and discovering more of the dead dinosaur’s bones which even appeared to belong to a rare horned dinosaur.

via: DMNS/Rick Wicker

Initially, some of the construction workers even believed that what they dug up was just trash. Luckily, they called their boss to check up on the thing and the rest was history.

via: DMNS/Rick Wicker

“I’ve found plenty of trash. I was part of a team that dug up napalm, stored in enough 55-gallon barrels to fill a few semi-trucks, in Southern California. But this is my first dinosaur,” according to David Rahm of the Brinkmann Constructors, one of the workers. They called the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to examine the several huge rib cage bones and a foot-and-a-half long humerus.

The experts hypothesized that the bones could have been there somewhere between 66 and 68 million years old. Unfortunately, a lot of work is still required to determine exactly what species of dinosaur it was. To start with, they only know that it was a horned one.

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