Teen Shoves 29 Magnetic Balls Up His Penis, Had To Undergo Surgery To Remove Them

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Whether curiosity is a sin or not depends on the damage one has caused being curious. After all, no one says you can’t be productive while being curious. Sadly, the opposite is true for a lot of teenagers today who are curious for all the wrong reasons. One of them even did an experiment to his member; it involved shoving magnetic balls into his urethra.

The unfortunate incident happened to a 13-year-old kid in China known only by his nickname, Lin. According to his parents, he has been experiencing abdominal pains for weeks. So, he was rushed to the Xi’an Children’s Hospital hospital in China’s Shaanxi province where the doctors gave him an x-ray to see what’s up:

via: Asiawire

Magnetic balls apparently– 29 of them, all crammed up inside Lin’s bladder. Since they were magnetic, they were stuck together inside his bladder. Hence, the doctors had to cut him open and surgically remove the magnetic balls stuck inside. It was only then that the boy told how they got stuck there in his bladder.

“Roughly three months ago, while the boy was playing with the magnetic balls, he lined them up in a row and inserted them into his urethra out of curiosity. By the time he felt discomfort and tried to pull them out again, the magnets separated and some remained inside his urethra,” explained urologist Dr. Zhang Yanyan.

“During this time, the boy didn’t tell his parents because he was too embarrassed, but the child admitted to experiencing abdominal pains for three months,” he added. Moreover, the boy thought he could expel them by urinating but to no avail since they were clustered inside him. Thankfully, Lin is okay now and a full recovery is expected. So, parents, never skip sex education for your kids.

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