2013 Grammys: Social Media Activity During Last Night’s Awards

Yesterday, we posted about the 55th Grammy Awards and how each of the nominees were doing on social media heading into the show. Now that the Grammys are over and the winners decided, some of our social media analysis pals have shared data regarding the social conversation during the show last night.

Networked Insights, a leading provider of social media analytics technology, watched social media activity during last night’s Grammys and put some post-show data together. Here’s what they found:

More than 8 million social media conversations related to the Grammys on Sunday February 10, 2013.

Top 10 most discussed artists on social media were:

  • Rihanna with 1,673,513 mentions
  • Frank Ocean with 972,352 mentions
  • Taylor Swift with 946,459 mentions
  • Ed Sheeran with 884,768 mentions
  • Chris Brown with 650,881 mentions
  • Beyonce with 630,077 mentions
  • Bruno Mars with 510,703
  • Mumford Sons with 480,253 mentions
  • Carrie Underwood with 451,135 mentions
  • Katy Perry with 423,053 mentions

The Twitter conversation:

Big moments during the Grammys that caught Twitter’s attention were the Best Rap Collaboration win for Jay-Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and The Dream, with 116,400 TPM (tweets per minute). Following that:

  • Rihanna’s solo performance got 114,800 TPM
  • Prince’s Record of the Year announcement got 109,400 TPM
  • Fun. wins Best New Artist and gets 100,600 TPM

As for #hashtags, use of #GrammyLive between 1/1/13 and 2/10/13 totaled at 146,690 with 3,493 average each day. Mentions of #TheWorldisListening on those same dates topped out at 149,410 with 3,557 average each day. The hashtag #GrammyGlam got a total of 7,980 with 190 tweets each day.

The simple hashtag #Grammys got 3,334,630 total mentions with a daily average of 79,396 while mentions of @TheGrammys got a total of 1,090 on a daily average of 27.

Did you tweet during the Grammys? If so, send your tweets to @DustenIQ for a chance to be included in this article! And here’s a picture of Katy Perry’s Grammy dress because, well, she’s gorgeous.

Katy Perry Grammys dress

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