Man’s Rectum Explodes After His Perverted Friends Pump It With Air Compressor

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Pranks are all fun and games until someone gets hurt and has to go to the hospital all because of a twisted sense of humor. Why can’t people just stick with jokes? If we all did, then a man from India would not have had to deal with such a painful injury; his uh, rectum exploded after his friends thought it was funny to pump it with an air compressor.

The 30-year-old unnamed victim was from New Delhi, India. Apparently, the man’s friends were an unruly bunch and loved to play pranks. He even regarded them as “perverted.” So, as a practical joke, they plugged the nozzle of an industrial air compressor into his anus. It wasn’t clear how they even got him to agree to it, perhaps he was asleep.

Nevertheless, an air compressor is not a toy and is a deadly industrial device. Air filled the victim’s rectum all the way up to his colon until the pressure built up too much and ruptured the rear end of his digestive tract. He had to be rushed to the hospital since his own feces spread through his other internal organs.

The doctors and nurses were even shocked at such an injury since those kinds were normally “confined to battlefields.” As such, the incident and injury was recorded in a medical report the Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Rishikesh. It was also published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

Sadly, this probably won’t be the last of human stupidity in the works. In fact, the number of air compressor related injuries and deaths appear to occur periodically– and those are just the documented ones.

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