Woman Smears Menstrual Blood On Her Face, Says It Alleviates Period Pain


Menstruation is no joke and has long plagued womankind every month with cramps, muscle pains, and blood, lots of blood. However, there are many ways women can suppress their period pain associated with the red tide. One woman has even discovered that smearing her face with her own menstrual blood can help… can it though?

26-year-old Yazmina Jade from Australia is a self-confessed “blood witch.” Like all people of faith, she has her own method, psychological or otherwise, to deal with afflictions that do not involve conventional medicine. Hence, Yazmina shares to the world how she deals with period pain: by smearing her face with her own menstrual blood:

Every month since she has learned the ways of the blood witch, Yazmina practices this ritual not only to help with period pain but also to empower women according to her. Yazmina believes that smearing yourself with your own menstrual blood gives you control over your body and over such a bodily function which has been shamed for centuries.

Of course, it has relieved her discomfort during menstruation, says Yazmina. The self-proclaimed blood witch also apparently applies her own menstrual blood on her own lips, like a lipstick.

“I have to say when you came down and put that jar of menstrual blood there, I thought ‘icky’ and now I see everything that you’re doing and you’ve got so much peace coming off you. You’ve converted what was clearly a very distressing physical situation into something really profoundly beautiful,” Yazmina claimed.

So, yeah. She keeps her menstrual blood in a jar too, not just for period pain.

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