‘Cow Kiss Challenge’ For Charity Is Now A Thing– But You Shouldn’t Do It, Says Experts

Photo by Ron McNear

Animals are a big part of our lives and they have been since the dawn of time. They have helped us sustain our health, do work, and survive. We should be grateful for them, but that doesn’t mean we should kiss them— contrary to what the “cow kiss challenge” is telling people to do. It’s a new internet challenge trend, which means people are doing it.

The aptly called “cow kiss challenge” with the hashtag #KuhKussChallenge is one of the latest internet challenge trends to graze our intelligent life form population. It’s all the rage right now in German-speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland; it was launched by Castl app for the sole purpose of raising charity funds:

It’s pretty simple, it requires the participants to kiss cows… with or without tongue. So far, no human has fallen in love with a cow yet accidentally or vice versa because of the challenge. However, experts particularly from the Austrian government, warn people of the potential dangers of the “cow kiss challenge.”

“Negligent handling of Austrian pastures has led to serious accidents in the past. I don’t understand challenges of this kind!” according to the translated statement of Elisabeth Köstinger, Austria’s minister for sustainability and tourism. Additionally, she mentioned that pastures are not petting zoos and cows could easily become aggressive and attack people.

Regardless, it would probably be wiser to refrain from kissing any creature whom you are not familiar or are in a relationship with. You never know when that cow will suddenly have a beef with you and your cow kiss challenge turns out to be a kiss of death.

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