YouTuber Who Did A French Kiss With His Sister Kisses His Mother Next As ‘Prank’

Photo by YouTube/PrankInvasion

We live in an era where young people of the internet have found their true calling, which is to do the most outrageous and most disgusting things to be popular. It’s all the rage these days from challenges, streams, and of course, pranks. One prank YouTuber even went as far as filming borderline incest by giving his sister a french kiss– something we went on to do again… with his mom.

Chris Monroe is a successful YouTuber and knows the secrets of viral popularity. He even shared it on his YouTube channel, PrankInvasion where he does some outrageous stuff. His finest moment, however, was when he did a consensual french kiss with his sister back in March and broke the internet in doing so:

Now, he’s back for more with his mother. He’s quite aware of what he’s doing and even wants to top his previous video of him giving his sister a french kiss which now has more than seven million views. So, Chris tricked his mom into a rock, paper, scissors game where he gets to kiss her if she loses… and she did:

Granted, it wasn’t as torrid as his kiss with his sister (thankfully), but there it is.

The problem is, it seems Chris has now exhausted his viral idea resources and kissing both his mom and sister again are now out of the question. We’re guessing he’ll have to move on to keep that viral traction going. So, who’s up for Chris giving a french kiss to his grandmother?… or grandfather? Anyone?

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