Hermit Crab Find Its Creepiest Home Yet Inside A Doll’s Severed Head

Photo by YouTube/Viral Press

One man’s trash can be another animal’s treasure, though that doesn’t justify the excessive waste we dump at the environment. Some animal species, however, have proven to be more creative than we ever could be at recycling. One hermit crab is the perfect example of this as he found refuge in the scariest human garbage yet.

Environmental project volunteer Joseph Cronk was walking along the shores of Wake Island in the western Pacific Ocean one morning when he came upon something cute and horrific at the same time. He saw a severed doll’s head which suddenly began moving on its own. Upon closer inspection, Cronk realized that it had been claimed by a hermit crab:

Hermit crabs are known to change their shells or home whenever they get too big. It just so happens that the “shell” this particular hermit crab found was a severed baby doll head. While such a scene was alarming since it indicates how polluted the beaches are, Cronk simply couldn’t remove the hermit crab’s improvised home since it might die.

“I see a lot of these crabs exchanging their shells for many things. Film canisters and soda cans are pretty common. But this one really gets the point across,” claimed Cronk.

Prior to that, Cronk also visited the island last December for an earlier clean-up project. By the time he returned this May, the trash has already piled up. You know it’s that bad when even the animals are helping us clean and recycle our garbage.

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