Internet Company Is Willing To Pay You $1,000 This Summer Just To Play Fortnite

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Playing video games and getting paid for it is one of the ideal jobs for Millennials (or future generations). After all, combining work and play is paradise this day and age. So when an opportunity to play video games and get paid presents itself to you, you’d best to grab it before it’s gone. Even better: you can play Fortnite and get paid this summer!

Such a fun work is now being offered by an internet company, According to their “Dream Job” offer website, they are looking for someone to play Fortnite for 50 hours (not straight, of course) and afterward, they will pay you $1,000. Additionally, they’ll also hook you up with high-speed internet connection for one year… free.

The gig starts this summer and the winner will be chosen on June 7. Yes, just winner, only one lucky gamer will be chosen to play Fortnite, specifically its Battle Royal mode, for 50 hours. It is worth noting that that $1,000 payment is cumulative. They will pay you $20 for each hour so you don’t have to complete the whole 50 hours just get compensated.

As for the high-speed internet they’ll be giving one year for free, it’s estimated value is $120 per month in a regular subscription. So you can imagine just how fast it will be. Combined with the free modem, router, free Fortnite game, and $1,000, that’s approximately $3,000 of free stuff, all earned by playing a video game.

Who knows, you can even stream it live online and gain followers, further earning more income. One streamer even got an anonymous donation of $100,000 during his Fornite session. Good luck!

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