Bieber Gives Shirtless Apology, Says Sorry LiveStream Video Didn’t Work

justin bieber

Justin Bieber gave a shirtless apology to his fans last night after a couple of LiveStream / Ustream videos didn’t go off as planned.

Bieber said last night that he was going to post a live video for his fans.

Unfortunately, Bieber fever struck and the site was quickly over-populated.

The pop star tried to post another video but ran into loading troubles again.

Eventually, the pop star gave up on a live video. Instead, Bieber issued an apology and played some music for his fans while he played with his little brother and sister.

Bieber says:

“I’m sorry that my Ustream didn’t work but I’m going to do a video right now so you guys can hear some new music.”

The pop star said that he’s currently on vacation and doesn’t have the fastest internet connection. Bieber said:

“I wish that I had fast internet so I could put it on livestream but it’s just not working. And my fans are just overpopulating the site so I don’t think it’s going to work.”

The pop star then plays a clip of his new song as he bobs his head and lip syncs along. Here’s a video of Bieber’s apology from Youtube. You can see a better quality, Telly Video, here.

Bieber also posted a clip of his new song to Sound Cloud.

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