Streamer Girl Attacked By Live Octopus She Tried To Eat On Camera

Photo by Kuaishou

There’s no shortage of stupid daring things you can do on camera these days in order to gain internet fame. As an added rule of thumb for young people, the more dangerous the stunt, the more viral. One such incident happened to a streamer girl from China who tried to eat a whole live octopus on camera but it fought back and wounded her… who’d have thought, right?

The said Chinese streamer girl goes by the name Seaside Girl Little Seven, when translated to English. The Chinese actually have their own livestream service and app called Kuaishou and that’s where Seaside Girl performed her online stunt. She took an intact sizable live octopus and attempted to eat it. As expected, the scared creature fought back, here’s the video:

Apart from the usual howls of pain, the streamer girl was screaming “I can’t remove it.” It seems the live octopus knew what was up since at the very beginning of the livestream, Seaside Girl was already describing to viewers how hard the octopus was sucking… with its tentacle suckers, okay?

As soon as the streamer girl drew the live octopus to her face, it latched onto her tighter than a clingy boyfriend ever could.

Photo by Kuaishou

Apparently, the live octopus belonged to the giant Pacific octopi species and has around 280 suckers on its tentacles which it uses for grabbing onto things. It also appears that the live octopus also bit Seaside Girl’s cheek with its beak hard enough to draw blood. Once she successfully had the octopus removed, she goes on to cry “My face is now disfigured.”

Prior to trying to devour a live octopus on camera, Seaside Girl was wondering why none of her content was going viral in the two weeks since she joined the streaming platform. Well, now she got what she wanted at the expense of her cheeks. Seaside Girl has also vowed to eat the animal in her next video as revenge… most likely cooked this time… or hopefully not.

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