Kai The Hitchhiker Revealed: Homeless Drifter Gives First Official Interview

Kai The Hitchhiker Gives First Interview

When Kai the hitchhiker appeared on YouTube and told his story about saving people’s lives internet users immediately fell in love with his positive outlook on life and the odd but creative autotune that followed.

Now the team at KMPH News have scored an exclusive interview in which Kai reveals a rather dark and disturbing past.

Speaking openly Kai explains that his parents divorced at an early age and he was subject to various acts of molestation. Kai says he had a difficult upbringing because of his childhood but has maintained a positive outlook at life.

After talking about the various problems in his life the reporter reveals:

“Much of his past is darker and more gut-wrenching than you can imagine. Stuff that we can’t put on air.”

Kai admits that he only survived because of his positive spirit and beliefs that helped him through hard times.

While Kai has been offered book deals and even movie options he continues to maintain his outlook:

“I’m just gonna be Kai any way it goes. Obviously I was put in a situation for a reason. I would hope, I do hope, that people don’t become obsessed with this because there’s still so much more that we can do.”

The most amazing part of his interview? Kai speaks french through part of his discussion and then admits to being fluent in three languages. After showing off his smarts the hatchet wielding hitchhiker then shows off his tattoos followed by his skateboarding skills.

Kai is also a musician.

Here is the KMPH News interview with Kai The Hitchhiker:

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