R/LifeProTips Hacks Your FWPs [Awesome Reddit Of The Day]

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The best subreddits are often those you come across when you’re scanning the main page for one reason or another — some well traveled and some not so much — and we here at SocialNewsDaily hope to give props to fantastic lesser and better known subreddits as we assist you in navigating the Reddit social strata.

Today, we bring you r/lifeprotips. LifeProTips is a subreddit that does what it says on the tin — a subreddit devoted to divesting you of life’s little annoyances, sort of like a crowd-sourced mini-Lifehacker on Reddit itself. From parenting to home maintenance, comparative shopping to streamlining how you organize, r/lifeprotips is a fantastic way to use your front page real estate.

A lot of people don’t “get” Reddit at first, because they haven’t invested the time to add the most relevant subreddits to their front page and customize their Reddit experience. But once you find the best subreddits for pertinent life information (r/lifeprotips is a great place to start), Reddit becomes a far more useful place to waste time.

Below, a sample of some recent threads in the LifeProTips subreddit. What do you think is the most useful subreddit?

LPT: If you receive a spam text message, forward it to 7726 (SPAM). Your carrier (all of them) will reply asking for the number it came from. This helps them put a stop to unsolicited ads for their customers.

LPT: Turn the subtitles on when your kids watch TV

LPT- Don’t buy ink printer cartridges!! You can get almost any kind filled at a Costco photo center for less than $10
LPT: Rub an old candle on your shovel’s blade to keep snow from sticking

LPT: Watching a movie with the family? Look up the film on IMDB and check the parents guide. It will give ratings on sex, nudity, violence and gore. Avoid awkward sex scenes forever.

LPT when giving a toddler a time out, count. They will learn to count this way.

LPT: Create a contact in your cell phone book named “SPAM” . Every time you get a call from a robo-caller, add their number to the phone number list. You wont waste your time answering the phone next time they call.

LPT: Manage your cables with a push-pin and a rubber band.

LPT: Turn off your phone’s network data connection at night to prevent apps from using it up

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