People Are Outraged at Guest Who Took Her Own Food to Pal’s Wedding – Despite Bride Paying For Special Meal

People Are Outraged at Guest Who Took Her Own Food to Pal's Wedding - Despite Bride Paying For Special Meal

There’s plenty of tales featuring nightmare brides on the web. From the woman who used live goldfish as wedding decor, to the bridezilla who designed a dress code based on her guest’s weight, you’ll be shocked at the length’s some people will go to for their “special day” (and who they’ll willing offend in the process).

Well, it looks as though guests also have their moments, with one problematic attendee bringing her own food to a friend’s wedding – despite the couple going out of their way to accomodate her.

Guests at the wedding were shocked when the woman, who is vegan, turned up with a tuppleware container filled with dried prunes. We could understand if their were no vegan options available the venue, but the bride and groom has already ordered and paid for a meal that suited her dietary requirements.

If that wasn’t rude enough, the woman had pulled a similar stunt at the bride’s bachelorette party.

Posting in a group dedicated to shaming bridezillas and out-of-order attendees, the guest wrote: “I thought she couldn’t possibly do it again at the wedding knowing a special meal was made and paid for her but again you’ll also see a video of her sitting in front of me at the ceremony with a freaking box of prunes she brought to eat for dinner, I would have SNAPPED if I had to sit next to her eating them.”

The poster, from North Carolina, explained that the woman was incredibly difficult throughout her friend’s pre-wedding celebration. Not only did she bring her own food to restaurants with vegan meals available, but also constantly shamed the rest of the group for their food choices.

People Are Outraged at Guest Who Took Her Own Food to Pal's Wedding - Despite Bride Paying For Special Meal
Source: Facebook

She continued: “This chick caused problems the whole weekend. She’s vegan, (no shame that’s cool) but because of it she didn’t want to pay the same price for food as everyone because she wasn’t going to eat things like pizza, eggs for breakfast etc. I was cool with that.

“The whole weekend she moped around in the kitchen cooking her vegan food, in prep for whatever our next meal was that she wouldn’t be participating in and food shaming us the whole time.

“We went to a nice restaurant Saturday night, with plenty of vegan options (we checked the menu for her ahead of time) but she insisted on lugging a HUGE Tupperware container of her special food out.

“This girl sat next to me at a 5 star place picking a few bites around from a 5 gallon container.

“Then we went out after and we all had small cross body bags and she carried around this huge Tupperware container at the club all night because she didn’t want to just toss it and spend the money on a new one.

“Basically the whole weekend revolved around her being vegan and rude about it and she drove us crazy.”

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