NYFW On Pinterest: Five Accounts To Follow For The Latest

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Pinterest will be a NYFW hub this week, as fashion’s biggest cadre of events kicks off (a bit late) in New York after the massive snowstorm.

Social bookmarking site Pinterest will be a larger force in NYFW (New York Fashion Week) this year than ever, and if you’re not front and center at the most important shows — and let’s face it, most of us are not going to be — take heart. You can still get all the latest NYFW info on Pinterest, by following some key boards.

As NYFW’s trends hit the web, Pinterest is one of the best places to keep track of what’s hot. The site has many big names in fashion liveblogging (or livepinning) the festivities — if you want to keep up with the latest, here are five boards to follow as NYFW kicks off.

The Wall Street Journal: New York Fashion Week 2012

The Wall Street Journal is right on top of NYFW in 2013, and the paper describes its Pinterest NYFW board:

“New York Fashion Week is shaping up to be one of the busiest and most upbeat the city has seen in recent years. Follow this board for highlights of our coverage straight from the runways. For more photos and full coverage, visit https://graphics.wsj.com/nyfw-fall-2012 #nyfw”

Videos, fashion show accoutrements and runway looks abound on the WSJ NYFW Pinterest

Butter London: Fashion Week Looks

Focusing mainly on nail looks, Butter London’s NYFW Pinterest is also a great barometer of color and cosmetic looks coming out of the massive fashion event.

Teen Vogue: New York Fashion Week

With a younger, hipper bent than some of the more staid NYFW Pinterest accounts, Teen Vogue covers the more street-friendly trends coming out of Fashion Week.

Harper’s Bazaar: Best Of The Runway

Harper’s has some of the most clear and to-the-moment runway looks from NYFW.

Nordstrom: NYFW Throwback

Nordstrom’s NYFW pinboard focuses on Fashion Week behind the scenes, as well as ready-to-wear trends at the event.

Have we missed any great NYFW Pinterest boards?

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