Paramedic’s Simple Tip Could Save Your Child’s Life in a Car Accident

Paramedic's Simple Tip Could Save Your Child's Life in a Car Accident

A paramedic is pleading with parents to stick a note on the back of their kid’s car seat, as it could save their life in an accident.

Although few parents know of this hack, it could be the difference between a child living or dying.

Taking to Facebook to share the trick, the paramedic said: “Way too often we come upon a car wreck with child(ren) in the car who are too young to have any info and parents are unconscious.”

The ambulance worker explains in the event of a car crash, a youngster’s life can be saved if a few important details are easy to find.

He advises that parents attach a note to the back of their child’s car seat with any necessary information someone that should be known in an emergency.

Paramedic's Simple Tip Could Save Your Child's Life in a Car Accident

This includes their name, their parents’ names, an emergency contact number and any medical conditions.

This information will help the emergency response team to identify the child, as well as informing them of any relevent health issues.

This includes any allergies, particularly to medications, and if the child has a pre-exisiting condition he recommends adding their doctor’s contact details too.

“It takes two minutes,” he said, “but it could save a child’s life.”

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