Couple Do DNA Test “For Fun” and Accidentally Uncover Dark Family Secret

Couple Do DNA Test "For Fun" and Accidentally Uncover Dark Family Secret

Based on the internet, doing a DNA test “for fun” is never a good idea.

Companies such as 23 and Me and make DNA tests seem like a sweet gift idea, but the results can change lives, and not always for the better.

Before going ahead, people interested in discovering more about their family tree should read a few of the horror stories posted online, so they know what they’re really letting themselves in for.

From the couple whose marriage was blown apart, to the guy who discovered his girlfriend was actually his half sister, it’s fair to say that DNA testing kits are not for the faint-hearted.

Unfortunately, this Reddit user and his girlfriend found this out the hard way. The pair thought it would be interesting to take a DNA test in the hopes of discovering some exciting information about their ancestors, but the truth ended up tearing their relationship apart.

In this post, the 27-year-old Redditor wrote: “A month ago my girlfriend and I thought it would be fun to do the DNA test offered by to learn more about our family tree. They really give you a lot of info and it took a while to go over.

Couple Do DNA Test "For Fun" and Accidentally Uncover Dark Family Secret

“We were having a lot of fun with it but then I found something out about one of my ancestors that has now caused me to lose my girlfriend.

“There were a few names in my family tree that I did not recognise and after doing some research it turns out that one of my ancestors was an infamous serial killer.”

As you can imagine, the man was devastated to learn he was related to a murderer, but things were about to get much worse for him.

He asked a relative if they knew about the link, and realised that he’d uncovered a dark family secret. Apparently, the family member knew all about their murderous relative, and had been working to disassociate themselves from the killer.

Furthermore, his 26-year-old girlfriend was so creeped out by the connection that she ended the relationship.

He continued: “This weekend my girlfriend wanted to meet to have a serious discussion with me.

Couple Do DNA Test "For Fun" and Accidentally Uncover Dark Family Secret

“[She] broke up with me because she could not deal with the fact that I’m related to a serial killer. She told me that she loves me very much, but explained that the fact I had the same blood as someone so evil has made her look at me differently.”

He then asked his fellow Redditors how he could win his ex back, but people were so disgusted by the woman’s behavior they unanomously told him not to bother.

One user commented: “If she let results come in the way of your relationship, her foot was already half out the door and she was just looking for an out.”

While another replied: “She was either looking for an excuse or she was a complete moron. Either way OP is better off.”

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