Right-Wing Christian Preacher Criticized For Telling Wheelchair-Bound Man He is Going to Hell

Right-Wing Christian Preacher Criticized For Telling Wheelchair-Bound Man He is Going to Hell

A Christian extremist has been blasted online for telling a man in a wheelchair that he is “going to hell.”

Philip Blair, an evangelist preacher best-known for sharing right-wing diatribes on his YouTube channel, Torch of Christ Ministries, targeted the man in Sydney, Australia.

In the viral clip, Blair can be seen preaching in the city’s central business district. The horrifying moment occurs just as he approaches a florist, and spots the passerby in a wheelchair.

Blair can be heard yelling: “You’re in a wheelchair.

“God can touch you but you’re too bitter to ask.”

Charming. Fortunately, the florist came to the man’s assistance, shouting back:

“He can’t walk, alright?’ You keep yelling and screaming for no reason – no one cares!”

Sadly, this didn’t stop Blair, who responded with:

“There is a reason, people are going to hell.”

Then the florist, probably noticing the man was bonkers, just said: “That’s ok.”

Blair then wanders off, until he is challenged by a local tradesman also defending the wheelchair-user.

“You’ve just slated the man for being in the wheelchair, and you’re talking about people going to hell?

“Well you’re going to hell for saying that about him.”

Seems logical, but then Blair tries to respond by telling the guy that he loves him.

“No I’m not – I’m here because I love you man.”

To which the tradesman says: “No you don’t, you don’t know me… idiot.”

Watch the bizarre exchange firsthand in the video below (2:30 seconds in).

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