Nemo Blizzard Slams Northeast, Social Media Gets Drunk [Twitter Reacts]

nemo blizzard drinking

Winter Storm Nemo, the humorously named blizzard currently in its starting throes across much of the Northeast, is one of the latest storms (following Irene and Sandy) to prompt collaborative storm planning on Twitter and Facebook — but it seems for all the advice we’re given, most users are intending to have epic storm benders as Nemo hits.

In the closed garden of Facebook, Nemo humor is rife nationally, and image macros are already popping up in response to the widespread panic in grocery stores, amid shovel salesmen and in the weather reporting genre of media.

On Twitter, users are tweeting and Instagram-sharing pics of alcohol stashes, and #Nemo and #blizzard have been trending all day. While news reports on Nemo are being circulated, a large cross-section of the site is occupied with banter of amused and not-too-worried storm-affected Twitterers.

Popular daytime talk show host and comedienne Ellen Degeneres got in a Nemo plug:

Images are being shared on Twitter as well:

And the inevitable largest online blizzard boozefest began:

How are you using social media during Nemo’s ravages?

Kim LaCapria

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