Conspiracy Theorist Claims UFO Photobombed Instagrammer

Conspiracy Theorist Claims UFO Photobombed Instagrammer

Remember self-proclaimed Ufologist Scott C. Waring? The guy who wants Elon Musk to help him prove the existence of aliens?

Well, the conspiracy theorist is making the rounds on the web again this week, with claims that aliens photobombed an Instagram user.

On his site, UFO Sightings Daily, Waring shared a snap of the woman from New Mexico in which believes can be spotted.

He explained: “A person was taking photos with friends in New Mexico last week when an metallic object flew past in the back ground.

“The UFO was caught in just one photo, but it was enough.

“It looks as if she was taking Instagram photos or photos for some other social sharing network when they accidentally caught this alien craft.”

Conspiracy Theorist Claims UFO Photobombed Instagrammer
Source: UFO Sightings Daily

Although the “UFO” in question looks a lot like a drone, Waring is convinced the object is from out of this world.

He continued: “When I made a close up photo of the UFO I didn’t see any wings, propellers, windows, to indicate it was a plane or jet.”

Unsurprisingly, not many people are buying the alien theory, including fellow Ufologists.

In a conversation with the Mirror Online, Nigel Watson, who penned
UFOs of the First World War, said: “Since the object is so far away it is hard to determine any significant details.

“As it looks metallic it is possibly a mylar balloon. These can move quickly as they are quite small and at a higher altitude the wind could be a lot stronger than at ground level where the picture was taken.

“Based on this I don’t think it is an alien spaceship photobombing this picture.”

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