‘Swamp Monster’ Appears In Trump Nominee Hearing As Protest Against Pollution

Photo by Twitter/Greenpeace

Time and again, politicians always fail to deliver on their platform promises– it has even become a norm for them to disappoint, sadly. Still, that doesn’t mean protests should stop, if anything, they should be intensified. That’s exactly what happened to one former oil lobbyist’s hearing, where a “swamp monster” even appeared in the courtroom as a form of protest against pollution.


David Bernhardt is about to become the Interior Secretary, he is a well-known Trump Interior nominee and the problem is, he was a former oil and gas lobbyist. This means him becoming Interior Secretary gives him access to the public lands and waters that he wanted as an oil & gas lobbyist as worded by environmental welfare organization Greenpeace.


Hence, during Bernhardt’s confirmation hearing, a confounding squad of protesters appeared in the courtroom: swamp monsters. A swamp monster appeared and was even caught on camera sitting among the regular audience. Here’s the video of the incident where it can be seen shuffling around during the hearing:

As you might have guessed, they’re not Southerners from the swamp monster kingdom called State of Louisiana. They’re just masked Greenpeace activists who went in the courtroom to protest what swamp monsters would have had they existed: the pollution brought about by oil and gas companies to public lands. Here’s Greenpeace’s official post about the protest:

Apparently, Greenpeace picked the swamp monster because it was inspired by Trump’s election promise to “drain the swamp.” The activists claim that he and his cabinet are doing the exact opposite of that promise. Unfortunately, the swamp monster was asked to leave the hearing after being spotted by the police which clearly violates the swamp monster’s rights for freedom of expression.

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