Meet The ‘World’s Biggest Puppy,’ Stands 6-Feet-Tall And Weighs 168 Lbs

biggest puppy

At nine-months-old, the world’s biggest puppy plays with a 4×4 piece of fence post and eats an astounding eight cups of a dog food a day.

via DogiLike; Euphrates with child

Euphrates is an American Molossus. After contacting Guinness World Records and hundreds of breeders, 41-year-old owner Jared Howser, of Salt Lake City, Utah, believes Euphrates is the biggest puppy on the planet.

“It’s unreal and unheard of, at nine months her size and strength is far beyond what I thought it would be,” said Howser. “When she stands on her hind legs she is six-foot-tall, that’s only at nine months too, on all fours to the withers, the tops of her shoulders she is 31.5 inches. If she was to stand she is big enough to look out of the peephole on our door.

“I’m 260lb and 6ft 3, but if she decided to run I couldn’t hold her on the leash, she could drag me down the road with ease. Just from wagging her tail if she catches your knees, she can take down a grown man down no problem. We have a pit bull who she plays tug of war with, they are known for the ability to pull more than their own weight, but Euphrates she just sits holding the other end in her mouth unaffected and not budging at all.

“When people look at her, they are surprised and asked how I’ve been able to keep her under control, joking that I must be a lion tamer. Most people think she is a fully-grown dog when we take her out in public, when we tell them she is a nine-month-old puppy their jaws hit the floor.

“Their natural reaction is ‘holy cow’ or ‘this is the biggest dog I’ve ever seen’, then they want to pet her and she’s very affectionate. At nine months there simply isn’t another dog 180lbs and 31.5 inches to withers anywhere else in the world, she is an anomaly. We’ve looked up online and called the Guinness World Records, reached out to hundreds of breeders to see if any dog comes closer to her size for this age and there’s nothing.”

Howser added, “She had two growth spurts, in that time period she was so clumsy because she was getting vastly bigger every day. I never expected that she would be this big when we first brought her home, at four and a half months old she was already 136lb (10stone). By six months old she was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter while sitting down. She is very affectionate with us, when we take her out in public she is very affection with children and women especially. If anyone reaches out a hand to stroke her, her tail will start wagging, if you don’t look her in the eyes she will be friendly but will posture against you.”


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