Momo “Suicide Game” is Now Popping Up in Baby Shark Videos

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Few internet fads have any real staying power, but the “Momo challenge” is causing a furore yet again.

For the third time in less than a year, the urban legend is terrifying concerned parents, this time with the help of another viral internet trend.

Police in Spain have issued a warning to moms and dads, addressing rumors that the character has been inserted into Baby Shark videos.

Although the Momo challenge, in which a mysterious character messages young people on Whatsapp and encourages them to commit violent acts, was denounced as a hoax by children’s charities, this latest threat appears to be real.

In this new Spanish version of the web hoax, the video says: “Hi, I am Momo. I want to play with you. Look for a knife in your kitchen and cut your little hands. If you do not do it, Momo will come after you.”

Momo "Suicide Game" is Now Popping Up in Baby Shark Videos

In a statement, authorities said: “No, Momo does not exist, it is an old viral character that has resurfaced with some damaging modifications.

“We have to work together to not allow it to spread.”

Allegedly, the Momo challenge is a game in which “Momo” sends children messages on Whatsapp with suggestions of self-harm and suicide. Momo was supposedly responsible for the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina, but there is no evidence to link her suicide to the game.

The eerie avatar associated with the game is actually a piece by Japanese special effects studio Link Factory, with the title Mother Bird.

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