Couple Blames Ghost Caught On Nanny Cam After Scratches Appeared On Their Baby

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It can be puzzling why horror filmmakers love to designate babies and the nanny cam as a target and premise for spooks. It could be that child-rearing is that scary. Still, something like that probably happens in real life too; such a horrific predicament was even allegedly caught on a nanny cam after a couple’s baby turned up with some weird scratches.


25-year-old Heather Brough and her 30-year-old partner Josh Higgins recently just moved in their new home in Highland, Michigan. Basically: a young couple, a “new” old home, and a new baby, what could go wrong? Let’s ask Hollywood. Jokes aside, Josh and Heather soon started hearing laughing, stomping, and shouting.


The couple could have easily ignored those noises, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when their infant baby turned up with odd deep, purple scratches across her face. So, the couple decided to install a nanny cam on their baby’s room for security. However, the supposed culprit did not appear to be a living thing… or a physical one at all:

It appears to be a fleeting humanoid shape zooming past the baby’s crib. It even caught the attention of the baby who stood up to check it out. Heather was certain that it was a poltergeist who harmed her baby, “This is a spirit — I don’t know what its intentions are, but at this point, it’s becoming physically harmful.”


The couple even suspected that the said spirit could have been the elderly woman who had lived there a few years before they moved in. The elderly woman actually fell off the stairs, died in the house and laid at the bottom of the stair for days until someone found her corpse. Apart from that, the elderly woman’s “schizophrenic” brother also moved in afterward only to die sometime later.


The couple did bring in a paranormal investigator who claimed that the house was indeed, haunted. Hence, Heather and Josh are now in the market for a new house so they can get away from the haunted one. Hopefully, it’s not their child who’s haunted.

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