Shoppers Claim Victorian-era Ghost Is Haunting Market Basket, Grocery Denies

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Groceries are not exactly places where one usually finds spooky stuff (unless you’re in a zombie apocalypse). However, one grocery chain in the US might have proven that ghosts also need to refill their stocks of milk or Kleenex rolls. It’s not just any ghost too, human shoppers have reported several sightings of a Victorian-era ghost in Market Basket, the grocery chain in question.


The situation got so spooky, residents of New England, US have taken to a closed Facebook page to actually discuss and share their experiences with the said Victorian-era ghost in Wilmington Market Basket. Reports detailed of a short ghoulish and young apparition who was wearing a Victorian-era nightgown and floating through the aisles. Apparently, she also appeared to be aged from 17 to 30.


“I saw her and looked away to see if anyone else saw her and when I looked back she was gone,” recalled the woman who started the discussion. It seems the incident happened to fast for her to whip her phone out for evidence. Still, others also revealed that they experienced and witnessed something similar.


An employee even chimed in on the discussion claiming that they believe the store is “definitely haunted” but only to retract with “it’s probably just your imagination taking you to crazy places after working alone for 10 hours straight.”


Market Basket got worried regarding the allegations of their resident ghost in Wilmington. Hence, they released a statement that assured customers of a ghost-free environment, as per their spokesperson, “As far as we know all of our stores are ghost-free. But if there’s anything to it, she’s probably attracted to our Victorian-era prices.” That, or she couldn’t find the washable sanitary pads on aisle 1850.

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