“Fun Funeral Facts” List Has Many Rethinking Their Burial Plans

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Tumblr user reillymouse shared a list of behind-the-scenes “fun” funeral facts that have some people now reexamining their interment plans.

The only guaranteed things in this life are taxes and death, and most persons have given at least a little thought to how they’d like to be put to rest after the Grim Reaper visits them – especially now!

As it pans out, funerals are a much uglier, messier business than you may have anticipated. Here’s a mix of untypical, peculiar and disturbing funeral facts to converse with your family/friends/co-workers about:

  • Embalming, the process of chemically preserving a corpse, is typically not required by law. Unless you need to transport the body long-distance or postpone the burial, it’s 100% a vanity thing
  • Want a beautiful casket for viewing, but think burning or burying an expensive piece of hardwood is a waste of money and trees? Rentals exist!
  • A body still rots in air-tight conditions. So “protective” or “sealed” caskets are basically a scam, and anything fancy like metal is a waste of money
  • Home funerals are an option. You don’t need to hand the body over to a funeral home, and you can keep their involvement to a minimum
  • You don’t need a coffin for cremation. The minimum requirement is that the body be in a “cremation container,” which is a simple cardboard box
  • There are a lot of funeral homes that will prey on your ignorance and vulnerability in order to get as much money out of you as possible. They may imply certain services are legally mandatory, steer you away from cheaper options, charge additional costs for what’s supposed to be all-inclusive services, etc.
  • Natural burial sites exist. You can have your unembalmed body straight up thrown in the dirt to be tree food, if you want
  • One person’s death is another person’s profit. Know your rights, do your research, and apply the same scrutiny you would to any other business

While it’s upsetting to think that various funeral homes are making profit by up-charging mourning family members for futile products, it’s too comforting to know other options exist like natural funerals and home burials.


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