Mexicans Are Robbing Border Fence Wires For Their Homes, America’s Paying For It

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Well, someone’s going to go tantrums over this, that’s certain. What’s not certain, however, is the certainty of a border fence or wall actually solving a country’s problems, walls are just for show, after all. Still, some people may actually be benefiting from the US border fence– Mexicans! Turns out, they have been robbing wires from the border fence to improve their homes.


The said incident is taking place in the San Diego-Mexico section of the US border fence. It can be recalled that the US government has been fortifying that said fence with razor wires to ensure that no Mexicans can climb the structure illegally into America, as per President Donald Trump’s initiative to tighten immigration laws.

However, a local Mexican police chief has reported that Mexican thieves have been stealing the said wires to fortify and improve their houses– the nearest city being Tijuana and the most likely place the thieves came from. As a result, some sections of the border fence wires are missing and have been spotted by US repairment in nearby Mexican people’s homes while they were replacing the missing wires.


Catching the said thieves in the act has proven to be difficult, though, at the moment, 15 to 20 suspects have been arrested over the wire theft.


It is worth noting that the border fence is made of razor-sharp concertina wires which were installed back in November. Trump was confident back then about the wires, even claiming “No climbers anymore under our administration.” While he was right about the climbers, it was quite a generous move too– providing Mexicans with free material for home improvement, paid for by the American people.


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