In New Body Modification Trend, Man Has Inside Of His Ears Removed

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A man had a new body modification done called a ‘conch removal’, and consists of removing the ‘concha’ – the middle part of the outer ear.

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The procedure’s too also known as the pinna or the auricle. Chai Maibert, the studio owner responsible for taking out the man’s inner ears, posted on social media: “Fresh #conchremoval on @charlesvbentley who traveled around the world from Australia to have this procedure performed by me at @calmbodymodification. Truly humbled!”

Folks surely had much to say about the conch removal, with multiple taking the chance to sincerely rip into ‘Charles’. One Facebook user expressed: “Sips IPA: ‘stretched lobes are so mainstream. Having my ears removed is like…you know…spiritual’…”

Another simply stated: “Well here it is. The stupidest sh*t I’ve ever seen.” Though, one girl shared: “I personally think this looks rad.”

Chai spoke about the apparent concern that the removal would affect your hearing. “It might impair your ability to hear the direction of sound for the first week or two until your mind has adjusted to your new ears. Hearing from behind will in fact improve.

“Our ears doesn’t ‘catch’ sound as it did eons of years ago when our ears were bigger hence why we have to create a bigger ‘ear’ by cupping our hand around our ear to hear better.” However, an audiologist didn’t see eye-to-eye with Chai’s theory.

Sar Gilani noted: “As an audiologist this is really making my eyes bleed. The whole post, picture, everything. Please for the love of your own ears and hearing, do not get this procedure done thinking it won’t make a difference to your hearing. Please use your brain with common sense before getting such procedures done. Please.”


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