Brenton Tarrant, ‘Regular White Man,’ Massacres 49 Muslims & Streams It Live

A few hours ago in Christchurch, New Zealand, one of the worst recorded hate crimes in human history took place. A lone gunman, named Brenton Tarrant, assaulted Hagley Park mosque. Armed to the teeth with military-grade rifles and shotguns, he killed 49 unarmed Muslim worshippers. Tarrant also livestreamed the shooting on Facebook as he did it.

The graphic video has now since been deleted and is too violent to be uploaded. The killer’s livestream shows Tarrant driving in his car to the said mosque, taking two guns with him after arriving, saying “let’s get this party started,” then firing more than 100 rounds to Muslim worshippers inside the building, killing 49. He also frequently made sure they are dead by shooting their bodies on the ground.

Photo by Facebook/Brenton Tarrant

It also seems Tarrant has no prejudices killing women or minors as long as they are Muslim, as the last person he shot was a young female, and he can even be seen running over her body with his getaway car. He also referred to the massacre as a “firefight” despite no one shooting back at him.

No one in their right mind would kill unarmed and innocent civilians on their own volition. Still, Tarrant describes himself as a “regular white man, from a regular family.” He was confirmed to be a gym trainer by the manager of the gym he works at.

“He was a very dedicated personal trainer. He worked in our program that offered free training to kids in the community, and he was very passionate about that,” said Tracey Gray, the gym manager Tarrant worked with. Gray also added, “I honestly can’t believe that somebody I have probably had daily dealings with and had shared conversations and interacted with would be capable of something to this extreme.”

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