“Catnip Cocktail” Is Causing Freakish Behavior & Police Warn Against It

catnip cocktail

“Catnip Cocktail” is purportedly an animal sedative, however police say consumers are purchasing it to get high and experience outlandish side effects.

Fairfield, New Jersey police seized 61 bottles of the beverage during a raid last week at a nutrition store, and issued a public warning about the product’s odd side effects via a press release. In 2018, cops responded to a call at a Fairfield mall to discover “an individual who was dancing, yelling and generally acting abnormally in front of a hair salon.” Law enforcement described the man as experiencing startling mood swings, and detectives found 6 bottles of Catnip Cocktail on his person.

In November, a man, 40, pulled over for careless driving was found by police to be “extremely confused, totally unaware of his surroundings and unable to answer simple questions.” They later uncovered 8 bottles of Catnip Cocktail in his vehicle.

Other peculiar events linked to the substance led police to the Nutrition Zone store, where they confiscated dozens of Catnip Cocktail bottles, along with numerous high-capacity handguns, rifle magazines, 29 bottles of human growth hormone, and other chemicals. Anthony Mann, Fairfield Police Chief, labeled the drink “a very dangerous product” and noted “its improper use is on the rise.”

Lieutenant Charles Zampino explained that drinking the mixture “gives you a feeling of euphoria” and lessens the nervous system.

The Catnip Cocktail website calls the concoction “the ultimate mood enhancer for your dogs and cats,” though warns it is “NOT approved for human consumption.” Catnip is not on the ingredients list for the cocktail, actually. But it does boast 1,4-butanediol, which will metabolize into GHB (the “date rape” drug) after being ingested.

Catnip Cocktail too incorporates caffeine, which is toxic to pets.


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