A 6-Year-Old Boy Almost Died From a Preventable Disease, But His Parents Still Refuse to Vaccinate Him

A 6-Year-Old Boy Almost Died From Preventable Disease, But Parent Still Refuse Vaccinations

Despite the fact its been proven that vaccines don’t cause autism, anti-vax parents are still refusing to protect their children from preventable diseases.

And we bet this mom is regretting that decison after her son almost died after contracting tetanus, with his treatment racking up over $800,000 in medical bills over a 57 day period.

The boy, who has not been named, became infected with the serious illness after hitting his head while playing on his parent’s farm in Oregon two years ago.

His mom and dad cleaned the wound and stitched him up, but the injury led to the boy developing the bacterial infection.

The US Centers for Disease Control shared a detailed report of the case last Friday, in the hopes of reminding the public of the importance of vaccines.

Within a week of cutting his head, the child began to display symptoms of the disease, such as bouts of crying, jaw clenching and involuntary muscle spasms.

A 6-Year-Old Boy Almost Died From Preventable Disease, But Parent Still Refuse Vaccinations

After being airlifted to hospital, the boy was diagnosed with tetanus. By this point he was so ill, he was unable to open his mouth.

His condition rapidly worsened, and the boy was put on a ventilator, as the muscle spasms made it hard for him to breath.

After five days in hospital, surgeons were forced to give him a tracheostomy as the muscle spasms were literally choking him.

Of his 57 days in hospital, 47 were spent in intensive care, costing his family $811,929 in total.

However, his parents are still standing by their decision not to vaccinate. This is despite the CDC saying that the tetanus vaccine prevents 90% of cases.

The case report reads: “Despite extensive review of the risks and benefits of tetanus vaccination by physicians, the family declined the second dose of (the vaccine) and any other immunization.”

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