Microwavable Stuffed Animals Have Arrived & They’re Health Beneficial

stuffed animals

“Warmies” by Intelex, are stuffed animals filled with distinct dried lavender and millet grains, which emit a stress-reducing scent when microwaved.

Stuffed animals – or items like pillows, blankets, or other toys – are termed in psychologist circles as “comfort” or “transitional” objects. They help children undergo unusual or new situations, like spending the night in a new home, or sleeping alone for the first time. They alleviate stress in children because they offer a sense of comfort or acquaintance.

Adults as well, though, can relieve their anxiety and stress with comfort objects. Warmies‘ warmth and pressure assist in alleviating stress, sinus pressure, menstrual cramps, and numerous other ailments. Those with autism or sensory disorders may too find gains.

While advised as a substitute for a heating pad due to their warmth, the website states that they can also be terrific cooling packs when set in the freezer. You can check out an assortment of styles HERE!

Cooling and heating pads are not a new concept, however for generations they have been extremely successful. Warmies takes it a step further, by adding the spare psychological solace of a beloved stuffed animal.

Stuffed animal(s) origin: In 1903 Richard Steiff crafted a soft stuffed bear that varied from previous traditional rag dolls, because it was formed of plush furlike fabric. In the US at the same time, Morris Michtom produced the first (stuffed) teddy bear after being influenced by a painting of President “Teddy” Roosevelt with a bear cub.


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