Golden Shower: Man Cures Fast Food Damage By Drinking His Urine, Says It’s ‘Energizing’

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Fast food is not good for you, or anyone, that much has been established already. The problem is, a lot of us depend on them too much to get through the day. Hence, seeking an alternative or solution is difficult with all the experts chiming in. So instead, you might want to take your cues from one man who drinks his urine every day to cure his fast food damage… or not.


37-year-old British interior designer Fabian Farquharson is just like most of us. He is also a massive fast food enthusiast. This began when he traveled around a lot for work; he was forced to eat on the move, and fast food was the most convenient option. Hence, he developed crippling stomach pains and became overweight, so he sought a solution.


Initially, Fabian ditched fast food and turned to fruits. Still, he apparently wanted a more radical method, so he started drinking his own urine… every day. This was something he read in literature he came across which says of the beneficial properties of urine, something we usually consider as a dirty byproduct of our bodies.


“It tasted a bit like a bitter ale initially, it was quite strong but not a terrible taste and I had no problem finishing the glass. It was about half an hour later that I started to feel amazing, I was absolutely bursting with energy. Now I’d never go a day without it and would recommend it to anyone.” recounts Fabian.


But Fabian did not stop there. He wanted to up the ante, so he even tried letting his own urine ferment for a month before drinking it. Fabian believes it increases the potency of the uh, concoction. Do the experts recommend it? No. Does it have benefits? Yes-ish. But hey, your body, up to you.

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