Relatives Make Nearly $41,000 After Finding Rare Medals In Attic

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After an unnamed man perished, his family entered his home and uncovered a vast, rare collection of medals from an arcane fraternity.

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The Royal Antdeviluvian Order of Buffalo was established 1822 and attracted membership from entertainers and artists, with its epithet coming from the popular tune at the time ‘We’ll chase the Buffalo’. The sodality lost members as a consequence of WWI but continues to operate to this day in local communities assisting members through times of hardship.

The brotherhood, whose motto is ‘No man is at all hours wise’, is open to males over the age of 18 giving they are ‘true and loyal supporters of the British Crown and Constitution’ though it is prohibited at meetings to discuss religion or politics.

The 1,500 medals and badges – which were unearthed in a chest so hefty it could not be lifted by one person – were sold last week at an auction at the Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers – with the totality of the collection making $40,846.

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The brother of the decedent man, who desires to remain unidentified, watched on in incredulity as he had no clue they were worth so much! A Peter Wilson Fine Art Auctioneers spokesman stated: “We have sold Buffaloes medals previously in ones and twos but never such a vast collection.

“It is unlikely we will ever find such an incredible collection again. Interesting medals are often dismissed because people don’t appreciated they can be solid gold, most examples are silver gilt or based metal.

“A highly successful auction with the best result anyone could have hoped for.”


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