Energizer Launches Cell Phone With ‘Most Powerful Battery In The World’


The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop reportedly can provide users with an entire week of battery life – or up to 2 days of continual video playback.

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Your smartphone losing all of its battery life after just a few hours is sincerely a dreadful experience, however those dark times could very well be ancient history.

Thanks to Avenir Telecom, a French company, we now have a new super smartphone which consists of an immense 18,000mAh battery – adequate to power roughly 100 hours of music.

Accordant to reports, this is a moderate estimate, as on idle it can last upwards to 1,200 hours without needing to be plugged in and can be utilized even as a power bank for different devices – deeming it the ‘most powerful battery in the world’.

The navy blue lump measures an astonishing 18mm in thickness, which is approx the size of three-and-a-half iPhones – more redolent of the iPod Classic. Flaunting a 6.2-inch LCD display, three cameras and 6GB of RAM, reviews have said it’s a pretty sweet piece of kit.

It’s too ‘fast charging’ and is full and ready to go after only eight hours. “If you’ve ever said, ‘I’d trade thinness for more battery life’, here’s the smartphone for you!” said one Twitter user.

A second user posted: “If you have a problem with your battery going dead too soon on your phone, have no fear. Energizer is coming out with a phone with a Gigantic battery!!!!!” Another posted perhaps too much information with their evaluation, sharing: “18,000 mAh battery? I’m wet.”


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