Cute “Cat” Steals Smoothie From Burger King

Cute "Cat" Steals Smoothie From Burger King

Anyone who has ever owned a cat will tell you three things.

First of all, cats do what they want.

Secondly, they go where they want.

And thirdly, trying to stop them is totally and utterley futile.

But apparently, cats aren’t the only animals to live life by their own rules. It turns out raccoons are equally as troublesome, and are also big fans of Burger King.

Cute "Cat" Steals Smoothie From Burger King
Source: Screenshot

While visiting the fast-food chain in Canon City, Colorado, last weekend, John McIntyre noticed an animal sneaking around behind the counter.

He asked around the restaurant if the “cat” belonged to anyone nearby, saying: “Do you guys have pets that I don’t know about?”

“What is this? He’s getting a snack bro.” John can be heard enquiring in a clip of the incident recorded on his phone, before asking a member of staff for help in stopping the animal from stealing a smoothie.

And although cute, it can’t have been good for hygiene standards, with the surprised member of staff shouting “oh sh*t” at the sight of the critter.

The animal turned out to be a ring-tailed cat, a member of the raccoon family identified by its large eyes, cat-shaped head, and of course, the rings around its tail.

Cute "Cat" Steals Smoothie From Burger King
Source: Screenshot

They pop up in several states in the South West, including Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon and California.

Speaking to TV station KOAA, John said: “I was peeking around, just looking around and there was a family that was in there at the time.

“I peek over my shoulder to see if they’re still there and over by the fountain machines there as a ringtail cat that was drinking from the slushy machine.

“I was just going to go right on up to the county and you know bring it up to them, but I couldn’t help it. I had to pull my phone out and record the video.”

As you’ve probably guessed, the restaurant has since received a visit from the health department.

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