Rabbit Performs 20 Tricks In 60 Seconds For Guinness Record


A woman from Finland has the world’s most talented pet rabbit. The hare busted out 20 tricks in 1 minute to secure a Guinness World Records title.

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Taawi, Aino Kivikallio’s mixed-breed bunny, conducted the tricks at his master’s Turku home and was bestowed the Guinness record for ‘most tricks by a rabbit in 1 minute.’

The tricks done by Taawi include spinning, giving a high five, taking a card from Kivikallio’s hand, knocking over a bottle, biting through a string and jumping over an obstacle. She explained it took a little while for Taawi to build up his repertory of tricks, which currently she said tallies about 30.

“He is the most active and energetic rabbit I have ever seen,” Kivikallio emphasized. “Achieving a Guinness World Records title is something I never thought I would do until I discovered Taawi’s talent.

“At first it was very hard for him to concentrate because he was so very excited. But I trained him patiently, and soon he began to love doing tricks,” she said. “My advice to all pet owners is to never underestimate their pets. I think every animal has a talent of some sort and it’s up to the owner to find out what their pet is good at.”

Rabbits are social, intelligent mammals who necessitate affection. They can become terrific companions if given an opportunity to mingle with human families. While many rabbits will actually use a litterbox, unspayed females and unneutered males may “mark” their territory as a result of hormones.


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