Green Tea KitKats Are Headed This Way & Fans Are Stoked

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Green Tea KitKats will be accesible following pleas from chocolate aficionados, and is inspired by one of the most illustrious of the 350+ KitKat varietals.

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A new version of everybody’s beloved four-fingered snack will soon be available in the United Kingdom. Nestlé will be unveiling Green Tea Matcha KitKats, which in Japan have been available since 2004, later this month across Europe.

Matcha is a time-honored beverage resulted from powdered green tea that has been savored in Japan for centuries, frequently consumed as part of an exuberant tea ceremony. Made of silky white chocolate, the KitKat Green Tea Matcha delivers a fragrant yet sweet flavor.

“From its origins in the United Kingdom in 1935, KitKat has grown in popularity across the globe,” said Alexander von Maillot, Global Head of Confectionery at Nestlé.

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“Nestlé in Japan has taken KitKat to the next level in the last two decades, with innovative flavor combinations and inspiring special editions. We are excited to bring one of the most iconic Japanese KitKats back home to Europe this year.”

He furthered: “The launches of KitKat Ruby and KitKat Green Tea Matcha are further proof of our commitment to our leading international confectionery brand. We have introduced other innovative flavors and premium products to KitKat, KitKat Chunky and KitKat Senses in recent years, and there is more to come!”

One internet user posted, “About time, these are lovely!” Another commented: “At last! Green Tea KitKat’s will soon be available in the UK. My expanding waistline is not so happy though. #KitKat #matcha”. So keep your eyes open America … because the green tea chocolate treat is most likely headed your way soon, too.


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