Here’s The Ultimate Earth Sandwich Compilation To Bring About World Solidarity


Every once in a while, people in the world come together to defeat a common threat… whatever that is. Right now, there is relatively no threat from the Nazis, crazy Presidents, or aliens to warrant worldwide unity. Still, cultural differences can prove to be a menace that causes a divide among us. So how do you to combat that? Well, you make a sandwich, of course– an Earth sandwich!

Is it edible? No! Stop thinking about food for a minute. The Earth sandwich is a challenge created back in 2006 by American public figure, Ze Frank. Frank issued the said challenge to his Sports Racers audience. Basically, it involves two slices of bread being placed on opposite sides of the world, turning the Earth into a giant sandwich filling.


Of course, it’s easier said than done, the math has to be proper and each slice of bread has to be on polar opposite sides of the Earth as much as possible. After all, you wouldn’t want asymmetrical sandwich now, would you?

Part of the challenge is finding someone on the exact polar opposite side of the world to pull it off, someone who understands jolly cooperation and world solidarity. Hence, the first attempt was completed a month after Frank announced the challenge and after two failed attempts:

You can clearly see the effort that went into making the first ever recorded Earth sandwich. The guy went from New Zealand to Portugal just to succeed, though that was back in 2006, no personal social media yet, so things were more difficult. The second recorded attempt was also done the hard way:

He even made his own bread, now that’s dedication. However, one guy thought it was easier to make an Earth sandwich if you have someone else on the polar opposite side of the world. He was a from MIT in Massachusetts, US and the other side was from Singapore:

You know its serious when academes are joining the Earth sandwich challenge. Those are the first three. Of course, things got easier with the advent of more accessible internet and social media. What’s more impressive these days is that you can do it with a random stranger like what two guys from Minnesota, US, and Delhi, India did. The two even became friends in the process:

Photo by Facebook/Lee St. John

“I had just hoped it would get a few laughs from friends and get people thinking about bigger things they could do with the tools they already have,” said Lee, the guy from Minnesota.

Photo by Facebook/Lee St. John

Lee added, “I know to some it just seems ridiculous, it is, but it is also incredible that in just a few minutes I was able to meet a new person on the other side of the world, coordinate with them and actually pull something like that off. I’ve met a lot of new people from India and all over the world because of this post, so the same technology is also bringing people together and making friendships happen. Make sandwiches, not war.”


One of the latest attempts of the Earth sandwich craze happened just last month and involved Austin Stenson from Georgia, US and Harisson Corboy from Victoria, Australia. Both also did not know each other and still managed to cook up this big tasty sammich:

Now, that is a good way to use social media. Of course, you can actually try to make your own Earth sandwich and “break bread” with people from the opposite side of the world, making friends along the way. These are the places where you can make a mathematically accurate Earth sandwich… without dissolving the bread in water, of course:

Photo by Reddit/u/crazychild0810

The ones in green, alright? It’s not much but it should be enough to send the whole world a message: make Earth sandwiches, not war. Sorry flat-Earthers, this one is not for you, go on now, git!

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