Taylor Swift Sex Tape Is A Facebook Hoax, Delivers Malware

Taylor Swift Sex Tape Hoax

The Taylor Swift sex tape showing up in your Facebook feed is a hoax. The message started showing up in users feeds on Thursday and it immediately had the trappings of a traditional Facebook scam.

The message being delivered to Facebook feeds currently reads:

Taylor Swift’s iPhone Hacked – Sex Tape LEAKED!

The famous singer Taylor Swift had her iPhone hacked Monday and a sex tape between her and former boyfriend Harry Styles has been leaked on the internet. Taylor’s publicists are trying to take down all of the websites hosting it, but we found a working one! Watch the video before it’s taken down! CLICK HERE ———> (link removed)

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO! >>>>>>> (link removed)

To watch the video users must reveal their real names, addresses and contact details. Second, they must download specific toolbars, games and other software that contains malware. Finally users are asked to provide their mobile phone numbers which subscribes them to expensive text-messaging surveys.

Have you see the Taylor Swift sex tape hoax show up in your Facebook feed yet?

[Image via Scott Mecum / Wikipedia]

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