Mother’s Medicine Hack Has The Internet In Shambles


An image exhibiting a new method to get a child to ingest their medicine has erupted on social media, though not everyone is thrilled about it.

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Being a mother or father is mostly about tradeoff and discovering ways to make situations work. Only several things are as unyielding as a toddler and that means a guardian might have to get inventive.

Nissa Nani posted the photos via Facebook and numerous other users have since shared it. The pics display an unoccupied juice box with a hole cutout of the rear. A medicine cupful has been positioned inside with a straw affixed into it. A second image depicts a child drinking, ostensibly oblivious that she’s really digesting medicine.

The original post has garnered over 165,000 shares and has over 24,000 comments, with several individuals applauding the idea. On the other hand, the Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons Facebook page shared the post and their Likers were NOT delighted.

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“Umm no, they need to learn! That’s what is wrong with these kids!! Everything is fluff, and no accountability! If they won’t take it? Oh I got ways! Lol AND all my kids turned out fine! Discipline and all!:)” said Facebook user Michelle Worden Cain.

“Tell your kid to take their medicine and that’s it!” stressed Emily Baker-Arambula. Robin Jinkins explained, “My kids don’t fall for these things. The minute anything unpleasant lands on their tongues and it’s game over. Thankful for bubble gum flavored antibiotics.”

Jennifer Hanssens viewed some long term issues with Nani’s plan. “And that’s the story of how my son decided he would never drink juice again.”


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