NASA Wants Funny People & ‘Onboard Comedians’ For Mars Mission

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Despite all the technological and scientific advancements we have made, we still have absolutely no clue what space really is. It could be anything, but most likely, it is a vast void of nothingness that kills all life and hope. That’s something astronauts have to face every day. So what can you do to survive that? Well, for one, you can try to be funny, like what NASA is looking for for the Mars Mission.


Now, hold up a minute, just because you can make some dad jokes doesn’t mean you are instantly qualified for the Mars Mission. However, yes, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is looking for what they consider as “onboard comedians” since the Mars Mission can get rather lonely and taxing to the human psyche.


NASA did make it clear that the “funny people” they are actually considering are astronauts which know how to crack a good joke amidst the empty void of space rather than comedians with no qualifications for space travel. It just so happens that being qualified as an astronaut pretty much means you have to be a perfect human being. There go our dreams of Mars.


“When you’re living with others in a confined space for a long period of time, such as on a mission to Mars, tensions are likely to fray. It’s vital you have somebody who can help everyone get along, so they can do their jobs and get there and back safely. It’s mission-critical,” explains Jeffrey Johnson from the University of Florida in regards to funny astronauts.


It has been proven that comedians and funny people do help bridge gaps and boost morale. After all, laughter is still the best medicine.

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