Girl Pranked On Valentine’s Day By BF After Receiving Cardboard Laptop


Jeff Gunn, 32, thought endowing his beau Jessica Johnson, 25, with a laptop would be dull, Thereby, he elected to ‘surprise’ her with a customized gift.

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As Valentine’s Day was nearing, Gunn, from Boise, Idaho, destined to his Johnson’s online wish list and noticed that she desired a new laptop. “I have an online wish list so I put anything that I want on there, and that’s where Jeff saw that I needed a new laptop,” said Johnson.

However when she unsealed the gift, which was camouflaged in a laptop box, she was stunned when the device she got was formed out of cardboard – complete with a ‘desktop wallpaper’ of the pair and functioning buttons.

“When I walked into the room and saw the laptop box, I was so shocked and couldn’t believe that he had bought me – what I thought was – a laptop. But then when I opened the box and saw the fake, cardboard version, I couldn’t stop laughing,” added Johnson.

““He spent a month and a half making the fake and did it so well that I couldn’t be mad at him or disappointed at all – even the keys worked!” After pranking Johnson, Gunn indicated he wanted her to select her own laptop that evening – and shelled out $480 on an authentic one.

Johnson furthered: “But as soon as he gave me the fake, he told me he wanted me to pick out my own at the store, so we went later that night, and that was a massive surprise too.” Gunn chimed in: “I knew that Jessica needed a laptop, but I was worried I’d get the wrong one so I wanted her to pick out her own, but there had to be something to open – gift cards are boring.

“Her reaction went from super excited, to completely let down. She laughed it off, but I could tell how disappointed she was, so I told her ‘lets go right now and pick you out a real one’. She couldn’t get in the car fast enough – and it wasn’t until the next day that she started to really appreciate the fake one.”


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