5 Idiotic Memes That Show Just How Clueless Republicans Are

Memes Made by Clueless Republicans

The way the Republican mind works is just baffling. I blame it on the use of The Bible to teach outdated morals to children as well as the special kind of stupid a person has to be to believe biblical stories are genuine parts of history. That’s just my opinion though. See for yourself as these memes show just how clueless some Republicans are.

1. Republicans Think Democrats Hate Everything Trump Does

Memes Made by Clueless Republicans

Democrats and liberals aren’t flat out against everything Trump does. If he were smart enough to cure cancer, we probably wouldn’t have a negative thing to say about the man. Unfortunately, he’s not. He has made a ton of terrible decisions in office, and we aren’t going to sit around watching him destroy the country so that we can rock a “Make America Great Again” hat and be part of his little fan club.

2. Republicans Spread A Ton Of Misinformation

Memes Made by Clueless Republicans

Let’s go through these one by one. THE WAGE GAP certainly does exist. There has been a ton of research to back this up and plenty of reports that have been published for the public to review. The evidence of a wage gap is pretty clear. Unless you’re a white male. Then, of course, you’d want to deny the wage gap to secure your status at the top.

If you’re looking for proof of WHITE PRIVILEGE, look at the students in a college classroom. Look at the faces of those working in Congress or even in the cubicles of the office you work in. You’ll find a lot of white faces. Especially in the offices labeled CEO and Manager.

If you identify as male or female, great for you. If you identify as a DIFFERENT GENDER, great for you also. Republicans need to just mind their business.

SAFE SPACES need to exist in the world we’ve created. If you don’t need them, then good for you.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST. Her ideas come from a combination of both political parties and should not be compared to socialist sterotypes.

GUN CONTROL literally works in every other civilized country. Democrats don’t want to take everyone’s guns away, they just want to make it harder for kids and the mentally ill to get their hands on them. These are very different concepts.

As far as the TOLERANT LEFT goes, it exists in the same realm as the tolerant right.

3. Republicans Don’t Think Health Care Is A Right

Memes Made by Clueless Republicans

While it’s true that we aren’t entitled to the product of other people’s labor free of cost, we shouldn’t have to sell our homes just to pay for a life-saving surgery. We have the right to affordable health care. No one should have to die just because they can’t afford their medications.

4. Republicans Failed This Part Of The SATs

Memes Made by Clueless Republicans

One of these things is not like the other, can you guess which? All of these animals are protected by federal laws because they are going extinct. Humans have the opposite problem. Our planet is overpopulated, and unless that suddenly changes, abortion laws will remain the same.

5. Republicans Don’t Understand Abortion

Memes Made by Clueless Republicans

There’s no such thing as “pro-abortion.” Democrats and liberals don’t spend their time trying to get knocked up just so they can pay a few hundred dollars to abort the child every few months. We have better things to do with our time. Pro-choice means we simply want women to have the option. Whether they’re in bad health, can’t afford a child, or simply don’t want one, it should be up to them.

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